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           In rememberance of

                   Bob Kerr

    (ex-pres,chairman of the ICU)

    DUNGANNON C.C. member

Bob Kerr first played for Dungannon in 1968 to help out Billy Adrain who was finding great difficulty fielding eleven players. Bob was a member of Enniskillen who played in the Tyrone and Fermanagh League. In fact Bob ran the league for a long time until he became involved with the North West C.U. He was one of the main movers in founding North Fermanagh C.C. based at Kesh to play in the NWCU and this led to him becoming Chairman of the NWCU , then ICU and eventually President of the ICU. He also was an ex-President of the UTU.

Bob was a stubborn batsman who sold his wicket dearly and played for Dungannon again in the 1980's for two seasons and was a member of the Creamline Cup winning team in 1985 after he became Principle of Dungannon Primary School. Unfortunately for Dungannon his heart remained in North Fermanagh and he returned to play for them although he always took an interest in Dungannon's progress until his death in 2007 watching Ireland at the World Cup. He toured with us to Galway in 1984 and to Lechlade in 1990.

Bob played a mean round of golf off a 7 handicap and was a regular competitor at the annual Club Golf Championship and also a regular winner. He did miss the last two 2005 and 2006 due to his ICU commitments and his passing was commerated at the 2007 Championship.

He was a great companion and is badly missed by those those who knew him.

                                                                  PLAYING RECORD FOR DUNGANNON:---

                                                            M    I      NO      HS      R         Ave     CATCHES

                                                           49   48     1      44     694    14.77        8  

Bob Kerr did make a difference and was always willing to help ,often travelling long distances to umpire matches in the T and F League and encouraging the Blue Circle Club in their early years.

The club expresses its condolences to his widdow, Hope, as we know she will miss him badly as we do.

The ICU has the IRISH SENIOR CUP named "The BOB KERR IRISH SENIOR CUP " in his honour.

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BOB                at GREENCASTLE G.C.


Bob Kerr 2006

ireland v .england


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