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Brief Club History

      Dungannon C.C. was playing cricket in 1865 with games being recorded in the Belfast Newsletters of that year and is the oldest sporting Club in Dungannon. The opposition included Armagh and West Side(Belfast).


    Capt. Rowley Millar scored the first century for Dungannon against Lurgan in 1870. He also scored 60 no in the second innings and had a seven wicket haul as well.

In 1880 the club were playing on Windmill Hill at the bottom of the town with the Tyrone Courier containing a number of games.

RSD headmaster Ringwood and his sons or brothers also played


During the 1890s the club had 3 profesionals and claimed a win over Armagh who were losing finalists in the Senior cup that year (1895).A draw was played against NICC ,a team containing Stelfox and Ocsar Andrews who scored the first century in a Senior Cup Final. Both played for the NCU.

In one match a Waringstown bowler called Allen had the distinction of taking two hat tricks in the one innings,



  Robert Stevenson,an Irish Rugby international and future President of the IRFU, was a leading light in the cricket club and was captain for a number of seasons and was responsable for keeping the club going during the 1890s.


   Lord Ranfurly (5th Earl ) was an enthusiastic supporter of the cricket ,golf and rugby clubs and provided a ground in Dungannon Park for all three clubs.

Unfortunately all three suffered when he became Gosvenor General of New Zealand in 1998 and a dispute over grazing rights with a Mr Newell resulted in the loss of the ground after 1901 and the cricket club did not play again until 1905 when Ranfurly returned home.


 Rowley Millar ,who played six times for Ireland and toured America in 1878 with the Irish side ,played his last match for Dungannon and scored 59 against Armagh in 1901.

He also played for Dublin University ,North and Pheonix and had his own touring side playing against North and Armagh.

    When Ranfurly returned he came to the rescue and again provided a ground in in Dungannon Park from 1905 to 1914. His son, Lord Northland played for Dungannon against RSD and Ranfurly provided sweets for the pupils. Northland was killedin action in WW1.

      During the 1910 season Dickie Lloyde scored the second century for Dungannon making 130no against Milford out of a 172 total. He also played for Dublin University , Lancashire and Phoenix . He played for Ireland against Scotland and twice against South Africa to become the second Dungannon cricket International. He also played for Lancashire in first class cricket.


The club became affiliated to the N.C.U. in 1913 and first played in the Junior Cup in 1913 against Forth River who were beaten in the final.

In 1914  the club played Woodvale in the Junior Cup again losing against the up and coming club.


  Club activities were discontinued during the First World War but the club was again reformed in 1919.

During the 1920's cricket was kept going by the Royal School with very few games being played by the town team.

  In 1929 there was a revival and the club was reformed with Dr Mann as President with a number of games being played against Cookstown. During 1930 eight games were played with the club winning one. By 1934 only a few games a year were being played and this continued until 1937. Lord Ranfurly died in 1933 and DCC had no ground to play on.


Cricket in Dungannon was kept alive by RSD, the RUC and the Bankers. There was no ground available for the town to play on although there appeared to be enough cricketers to support a team.

The only interesting thing happening was J.S. Pollock scoring a century against  R.S.D. . J S (Stuart) Pollock was an International who later played for NICC. He was a Fine batsman and a brilliant cover point. He was an officer in the 8th Belfast HAA in which my father

William Adrain was a Sargent. William was awarded the only MM won by the Regiment during WW2.


Cricket was still being played in 1939 but the club was suspended during the Second World War and reformed in 1948 with Eddie

Hodgett having a big influence on its success.

   He scored the first century since the war and Phil Homan,Des Burrowes and Ronnie McNamee added three more.

The batting relied on Hodgett,Homan ,Burrowes , Crook and R. McNamee to score the runs and they were nearly always available.


Initially the bowling relied on Hodgett, Homan, Nixon and Goodman but Ronnie McNamee soon was available and he proved to be a very destructive bowler  regularly taking 5 wickets in an innings. Willie Duff and Robin Semple were effective for a few seasons but the arrival of Eddie Ross and Victor Eakin made the Dungannon attack the best in Junior cricket.

Teams were bowled out for low totals and the bowling was the strength of team in the late 50s and early 60s.

    The club went from strength to strength over the next fifteen years winning the Junior Qualifying Cup in 1959 defeating Larne in the Final and winning five league titles in a row:

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