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History 1980 on

  RSD schoolboy Chris Adrain begins his cricket career with Dungannon. Blue Circle Players emerge.Billy and then son Chris Adrain bebome leading batsmen. David Alexander and Alister Smyth return from England.Ppil Orr captains 2nds before returning to 1sts.Basil retires and then returns.Tours to Chesterfield,Athlone,Chesterfield and two to Lechlade. Danny Costello returns.New ground at Shiells Field. Liddell and Creamline Cup wins

      The club had a good season in 1981  winning 9 matches compared to 1 in the previous season and defeated Civil Service in the Jn. Cup with young Jeremy Stewart starring with bat and ball. He and Alan Gallagher bowled them out for 35. Unfortunately the team lost to  NICC II being bowled out for 29 with Billy Adrain being run out for14.

    These results were due to the return of David Alexander, Danny Costello and Alan Gallagher to strengthen the bowling and Ron Wylie to strengthen the batting.

  Jeremy Stewart was now developing into a genuine quick bowler and the other young players such as Malcolm Davison , Jonny Paisley and Richard Lyons were improving.

      The 2ndXIwere also winning games as anumber of young players emerged from RSD.


     The midweek team won the Liddell Cup and lost in the Final of the Creamline Cup to Armagh 1stXI with 2 balls left fielding a team containing 7 schoolboys. Billy Adrain scored 43 in the Liddell and 72 not out against Armagh. Schoolboys Chris Adrain, Jeremy Stewart and Racy Lyons scored 20s against Armagh side and would have won but unfortunately umpire ,Pete Reith, gave a not out decision when a Stewart full toss hit Macauly covering three stumps and he guided Armagh to victory.


   David Alexander organised a tour to Chesterfield and the team watched Lancs playing Durham in the Gillette Cup with David talking us into the pavilion as the Irish touring party.

The batting was quite strong for a few years with the arrival of Bob Kerr and Collie Smith and Victoria were defeated in the Creamline Cup Final in 1984 with Basil McNamee setting up the win with his bowling. He and Billy Adrain bowled 16 overs for 18 runs to limit Victoria to 76 and Collie Smith(38no) and Chris Adrain (29no) hit off the runs.


  The batting remained quite strong as Smith and Kerr were replaced by the improving Chris Adrain and the return of Alistair Smyth .The young Michael McNamee batted well but Basil McNamee had a few years off and Phil Orr played mainly for the 2nd Xi for a few years. Chris Adrain scored his first century against Larne. Billy Adrain who became the leading scorer from 81 to 85 was replaced by his son, Chris from 1986 to 2005 Billy and Chris also played in nearly every match and this was not the case for the others.


  The bowling was always a concern as D. Alexander only played  about 60% of matches in the seasons that he played before retiring, Alan Gallagher was only available for a few seasons and  Basil McNamee gradually bowled less and less. The young bowlers, J. Stewart, L. Hobson and j. Paisley had all left the club.

   This caused a big problem. Aaron Hall stepped into the breach and always bowled steadily. His batting was a disappointment as he scored heavily in the T. and F league.

Billy Adrain moved down the batting order to make way for younger players and became a regular leg and off break bowler and Chris Adrain was developed as a bowler in the T. and F. league and his away swing medium pace has stood the team in good stead as in 2007 he overtook father Billy as the leading wicket taker as well as leading run scorer. This did improve the accuracy but only George Gourley was the only quick bowler and he was only available for one season as he preferred to play 2ndXI cricket for N. Fermanagh (Western Counties). The team became weaker towards the end of the 80s.

 The 2nd Xi struggled as usual but players were coming through from RSD and Blue Circle with Ron Charles being very reliable for many years. Aaron Hall was the other B.C, player to contribute over an extended period.


  In 1984 the club had a successful tour to Gaway with a win over Athlone and a draw against Galway with Fred Eannetta leading the way. Allan Buchanan and new recruit ,Martin Smith, were the batting stars in Athlone and Billy Adrain took 6 for 14 including a hat-trick. Bob Kerr and Phil Orr set the foundation for a reasonable score and the match ended in a draw.

   Danny Costello was a busy man as he organised the laying  of an artificial pitch in the PARK (1980) and then in Shiells Field (1985) as well as organising the laying of the square and the laying of practice strips. Billy Adrain most of the work in improving it to Sec.2 standard.It was a very good batting square.


      Danny also organised tours to Lechlade in 1983, 1986, 1988 and 1990 and they were very enjoyable as the opposition were very hospitable. The opposition was provided by Lechlade,South Hill, Fairford,Highworth, Poulton and Ampney Crucis and the matches were usually close as the teams were well matched. Peter McNamee was able to keep in contact with the club by playing these games with some success.

 The table below below shows how important Chris and Billy Adrain along with Basil McNamee, Phil Orr and Alistair Smyth were over the periodas batsmen or bowlers or both.

















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1983 Lechlade. 1988 lechlade tour

                                                                        POULTON 1988



1980s pavilions


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fred''s 84 team

               1984 1stXI. NAME THAT TEAM

1stXI 1987 creamline cup winners 1985