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History 2000-2005

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Having been promoted in 1999 Dungannon began the new milenium in Senior 2( 3rd tier) and found it tough going winning only three games under the captaincy of all rounder Chris Adrain.

Steve Forsythe ,who had returned to Dungannon ,was the most successful batsman scoring over 400 runs. Chris had an off season for him and he had 16 stitches in an eye injury sustained at Dunmurry. This did not help his batting but he played in all games. He  and father Billy did a lot of bowling with 62 year old Billy winning the Bowling Cup in his last full season for the club as his services were not needed in the coming year. Life was a struggle and the 1stXI made a swift return to Senior 3 in 2001

                                                        RESULTS  2000


Image060 Image061 (2) CHRIS BAT,BOWLING CUPS (2) j meeke v academy 01092007 new pavillion 2003 P1010005 (2) steven cuddy P1010009 (2)  stephen forsythe 2006 P1010013 (2) steven forsythe bowling P1010017 P1010042 P1010096 P4210259 (2) chris on roller 2011 P5300026 P7120067 P7120076 (2) chris at newforge P8260223 (2) CHRIS ON OUR ROLLER Paul Kerr and Jeff Meeke, B Reid trophy s kelly v academy 01 09 2007 P1010098 (2) browns at waringstown 2005 winners