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Leading scorers,wicket takers, all rounders from 1950 to the present day.

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Dungannon always had good all rounders and the  only batsmen to beat them were Des Burrowes, Eddie Hodgett and Jack Crook. The only bowlers to beat them were Bob Goodman,Bob Nixon, F. Campbell, Robin Semple,Eddie Ross, Kurian, Ian Brownlee,Alan Gallagher, David Alexander, George Gourley, Garth Lucas and Gareth Brown. All the others were all rounders in the true sense and could be in the team as a first choice batsman, bowler or even as a keeper as in the case of Phil Orr, Billy Adrain and Chris Adrain who all spent time behind the stumps.

The early years were dominated by the efforts of Burrowes, Hodgett, Homan and Ronnie McNamee and then by Victor Eakin.

Basil McNamee was the main batsman and bowler during the 70s with Phil Orr and Billy Adrain getting the odd look in with the bat. Ian Brownlee, Frank Clark and Alan Gallagher were all capable bowlers but they only played for a short time.

In the 80s Father and son, Billy and Chris Adrain dominated the batting with Billy doing more bowling and displacing Basil McNamee as the leading all rounder.Chris Adrain was now becoming a useful swing bowler. Basil had  retired for a few seasons and Phil Orr was enjoying himself on the 2ndXI. George Gourley and David Alexander were the leading bowlers for a few years but David called it a day and George never had his heart in Dungannon. Jeremy Stewart was a bright star but he had higher ambitions and played for Bangor in the Senior League.














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b mcnamee1_WEB p orr cutting 88 a billy adrain batting 1 chris  driving 2

Chris Adrain the leading Dungannon batsman and bowler

Phil Orr, batsman, googlie bowler and wicketkeeper

Billy Adrain,batsman,bowler,

wicket keeper